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    PaTel ltd is an Information Technology Company created in Tirana ALBANIA since 2009 with the major target to provide value added information services to a broad range of customers as end users, companies and state institutions. As a result PaTel provides simple services but with a significant added value and a low cost.
    Our experience in the Information Technology is offered as a support for businesses and enterprises that need requirement analysis and study, project conception and solution implementation. This permits the development of integrated and customized solutions that match the client requirements and expectations.
    The company resources are actually focused in Information Technology integration with Insurance Services, Financial Services, Design and Implementation of Integrated Business Solutions, Supervisory Systems, Business Intelligence, CRM-VoIP Systems, IVR Services, Reporting Systems Internet Protocols, Data Management Systems and in Application Development. These company resources can be offered to our customers in the form of problem identification, requirement understanding, functional architecture elaboration and application development and maintenance. As a result our customers can get the required solution at minimum time with our maximum support and maintenance.

  • About us

     PaTel IT Services is an Information Technology company created in Tirana, Albania with a broad intellectual experience in the information services taken from local and western European countries. The main target of the company is to offer added value information services to a broad range of customers as end users, companies and state institutions. These services are projected to be simple to use but with a significant added value and a reduced cost. Another part of our mission is the development of complete integrated solutions matching customer requirements and expectations. We also offer problem solving capability through a layered and structured approach from functional architecture design to application development and maintenance.

  • Services

    • CRM and Web application systems
        - CRM applications integrated with backend existent systems
        - Web site and web integrated applications design, construction and maintenance
        - Systems hosting and maintenance

    • VoIP systems
        - Cheap call system ( Prepaid card service / local VoIP provider )
        - Small office phone services (Call management system / Least cost routing)
        - VoIP systems hosting and maintenance

    • IVR services
        - Provisioning (Data entry / User auto-read amounts)
        - Value added phone services ( like 900 foreign embassy services)
        - Phone Bet system (make bets through automatic voice systems)
        - Phone Banking (get account status, transactions through automatic voice systems)
        - Customer care for distributors:
          - Public services (offices, weather, traffic)
          - Private services (airport, car rental)
          - Information systems (yellow pages on phone)
          - Automatic marketing calls / reminders for payments
        - Audited systems for supervision denounce system

    • SMS services
        - Value added SMS system (news / change / weather / horoscope etc)
        - Check IT systems and report alarms for out of service, intrusion etc
        - SMS Bet system (make bets through SMS systems)
        - SMS for Banking (account status, transactions, lock card, secure web access)
        - SMS for business (reminders on contract expires / marketing promotions, offers, events)

  • Products

    • CRM and Web application systems

        - Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority
          + Bonus Malus portal and web application as part of the Motor Insurance Information Center
          + Integration of National Insurance MTPL Registry systems with National Motor Claims Registry and National Citizen Registry
        - Web Portal for distributed multi shop management [partially founded by EBRD Business Advisory Services Programme]
        - News24 / Edisud shpk web application for SMS VAS system
        - Albania State Archive of Film web portal (http://aqshf.gov.al/ )
        - Platinium shpk web portal for financial services (http://www.platiniuminvestment.com/ )
        - Web Portal for enterprise project and collaboration management system (http://flast-al.com/ ) [partially founded by EBRD Business Advisory Services Programme]
        - Ngo web site: Koine Insititute (http://koineinstitute.eu/ )
    • VoIP systems

        - Patel Cheap Calls service
        - University of Cassino (Italy) Fax2Email service
    • IVR services

        - Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority IVR and denounce system maintenance 0800 6969
    • SMS services

        - News24 system for News/Horoscope/Change etc SMS VAS connecting with all Albanian Mobile Providers
        - SMS system for Pharmacy location
        - Tring Television SMS CRM system